Firstly may we take this opportunity of thanking you for using our service. Should you have any problems please do not hesitate to seek help from a member of our staff.
Here we have put together some feedback from previous customers. We hope theiradvice might help make your storage experience runmore smoothly.
Place your items down the sides of the container, leaving yourself a centre aisle so you can get to specific items easily should you need to.
Each container can take up to 5 padlocks. Make sureyou use at least one good strongpadlock in the lock box and put a little lubrication on it as they can seize up if not used for a while.
Domestic customers
Domestic appliances
Cover all electrical items with a damp proof sheet to prevent any condensation building up. Make sure you empty and thoroughly clean fridges and freezers before storing them. Leave the doors slightly ajar to enable air to circulate.
Disassemble larger items of furniture like wardrobes, tables etc. so that they are more manageable. Place a sheet over them to prevent the
accumulation of dust. Beds and soft furnishings If possible, raise beds, mattresses and any other s oft furnishings off the floor slightly to allow air to pass freely around them. This may prevent them from becoming stale whilst not in use.
Boxed items
If you are storing items in cardboard boxes, write which room they are from and some of the contents on them. This makes life much easier when you come to unpacking.
China and glassWrap china and glass in bubble wrap or newspaper before putting into strong boxes. Makesure that these boxes are stacked on top of other boxes so that they are not damaged by heavier items.
Books Spread books out in the bottom of boxes because too many in a box can make the box too heavy to carry or cause the bottom to give way.
Vehicles You must drain all fuels and oils etc from any vehicles you are storing to minimise any fire risk.
Business customers
Archive storage
Clear labelling is the key to quick reference in case you need to find a specific document. Besure to write on the boxes which company the documents are from, the type of documents (ie: invoices, personnel documents, vat returns) and the dates of the documents enclosed (ie: April 2004 – March 2005). It is also a good idea to stack the boxes in a recognisable order, for example according to date range, department etc.
Any fuel powered machinerymust be drained of all fuels and oils etc before storing to minimise any fire risk.


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